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The Graphs Report

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016 01:42PM PDT

A Graphs Report is the best way to compare trends or dive into the details of performance over time. Viewing new daily values in a time series graph, while overlaying events to give the data context, enables our clients to identify key moments and activities that for, example, may drive an increase in sales or audience growth. Each section below walks you through how to create and make use of a Graphs Report.

Adding a Data Set

  1. Click the Graphs icon in the Reports menu on the left side of your homescreen

  2. A modal will pop up where you can select networks and metrics and filter by locations (if you like).
  3. After you finish making your selections click Create Report.
  4. Sidenote: After creating your graph, you can select content by clicking Add to Graph, selecting the profile you're interested in and then clicking the Content Metrics tab.

Date Selector & Extended Timeline

  • Click on the date range in the top right corner to quickly change what period of time is visible in the main body of the graph.
  • Use the extended timeline to scroll and investigate any peaks, dips or valleys on the graph.
  • Grab the handles and lengthen or shorten the time period shown in the graph below. Extended the time period all the way to the left to extend the total time period you can view.
  • The initial date we start tracking data varies by metric. None of our metrics were tracked before 2009.

Determining Drivers

  • The Event Stream to the left of the graph summarizes content releases, concerts, press mentions, television appearances and additional events that happened within the time period shown on the graph.
  • Click on any point of the graph and the Event Stream will scroll to that date.
  • Click each event to view more details.
  • Limit the different type of events shown by clicking Filter Events and selecting the event types you would like to be included in your stream.

Graph Annotations

  • Events are also displayed along the top of the graph.
  • Filter visible event types with the icons along the top right. Toggle events on/off with the check box on the top left.
  • Click on any event icon to add the event detail to the graph as an annotation.
  • For days with multiple events, click on the day and then select from the list of available options.
  • Remove annotations by hovering over them and clicking the "X".

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