Audience Engagement compares the performance of audience engagement metrics to expected values based on Audience Reach. Engagement metrics are defined as any metrics associated with audience interaction — check out our Metric Glossary to see the full list of engagement metrics we offer.

Audience Engagement gives context to levels of audience interaction relative to audience size. This statistic can help you to compare a number of Profiles, to get quick perspective on a new discovery, or to identify areas of strong or weak performance.

Audience Engagement compares levels of audience engagement to engagement metrics for everything we track on Next Big Sound. We identify four levels of engagement, based on percentiles — a statistical value that identifies a percentage-based position within a range of values. For example, a 60th percentile value indicates that 60% of all Profiles on Next Big Sound rank lower than the Profile you’re currently viewing.

  • Occasional: below the 15th percentile
  • Moderate: from the 16th to the 84th percentile
  • Strong: from the 85th to the 98th percentile
  • Passionate: above the 98th percentile

Audience Engagement also identifies the top performing engagement metric, relative to everything we track at Next Big Sound. Audience Engagement is calculated for the past week, month, or year, based on your choice in the left-hand date selector.